Christine Elfman

Christine Elfman explores the qualities of permanence and change within picture making.  She received her MFA in Photography from California College of the Arts and BFA in Painting from Cornell University.  Elfman’s awards and fellowships include the San Francisco Artist Award, the Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship, and artist residency at the Constance Saltonstall Foundation.  She is represented by Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco and teaches photography at Cornell University.

I take time to make things that time takes away. I bleed a flower to turn its substance into image, only for it to fade away.  I steal salt from Death Valley to distill a photographic preservative, as if all photographs were things pickled in brine. These pictures express the impossible desire for permanence. If I try to capture an essence, it comes in the form of constant change. The thing evades my grasp, refusing to be pinned down; and the harder I try to keep it still, the faster it fades.